Lisa Cappalli


Femininity. That’s my take on feminism and a respectful yet enticing form of seduction is my philosophy of design. My expression through art is timeless as, of course, are my creations.

You Should Know That Through My Veins Runs The Blood Of The Iconic Maria Milagros Rosa Crespo (Mili Arango), My Mother, Legendary Fashion Designer Patti Cappalli, My Aunt, And The Distinguished Law Professor Richard Cappalli, My Father.

Though I Was Born Into Fashion, I Only Discovered My Calling On The Day I Walked Through The Threshold Of 560 Seventh Avenue And Into Parsons. Embarking On An Incomparable Adventure In New York City, My Birthplace, I Rode A Great Wave Of Energy And Creativity. Those Years Were And Will Always Be The Best Insight Into Who I Am Today. Thanks To Scholarships, Armed Only With Gold Thimbles And Scissors, Upon Graduation I Walked Through A Magical Mirror And Into Paris. My Potential Matured Because Of Paris. Lace, The Impressionists, The Symbolists, Expressionism, Gustave Moreau, Bonnard, Voulliard, Klee, History, Biographies, Music, Culture,  The "Je N'est Ce Quo" Of French Women, Cinema, Versailles, Haute Couture, Lavender, Orsay, Virginia Wolf, Pink Sunsets, Giverny, And Long Memorable Walks Along The Seine.

The Woman In Me Produced A Feisty, Beautiful Daughter, Cecilia, And A Fun, Charming Son, Eduardo Andres. I Also Have A Solid Marriage In Which The Dialogue Never Stops. A Full Household. Children, Friends, Relatives, Artists, In-House Seamstresses And Pattern Makers, Handymen, Handy Women, Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, And Even A Couple Of Ghosts Reside In Our 300 Year Old Property,  It Is Indeed A Very Rich Home.

I Love To Celebrate And Elevate Women, Clients, And Friends Because I Believe In The Individuality And Value Of Each Person Who Crosses My Path. The Passion In My Design Is About That Celebration. I Believe That With Each Creation, Collaboration And Venture The Cappalli Spirit Will Be Perpetuated.

The Mission, My Mantra, Is To Be Creative, Relevant And Original.